Aqua Show is company which is specialised in servicing water shows. These shows could be used over short periods and long periods and they could be arranged inside or outside. Aqua Shows offers standard water shows as well as water shows that completely meet the client’s wishes concerning music, lights, projection and special effects. Aqua Show delivers high quality shows and uses parts with impressive effects that are designed by Aqua Show itself.

Water shows could also be seen as ‘the new way of fireworks’. Water has the same astonishing effect as fireworks because of the techniques that are used for water shows. Actually, water shows has lots of benefits compared to fireworks. It is more environmentally friendly because the water could be recycled. Besides that, no special license is required to use water shows during your event. Another benefit is that water shows can be used during the whole day.

Are you interested in a water whow at your location? Please do not hesitate to contact us.