Aqua Show is specialised in water entertainment in any form the customers want. Permanent fountains in private gardens, as well as entire water shows at any festival, congress or special event. Aqua Show is the only supplier that offers the possibility to rent, lease and buy our products.

Aqua Show is a young company with lots of ambitions. Founder Rémon Tromp has a passionate of water since his childhood. He can really enjoy the special effects of fountains, waterfalls and watershows. For him, it is important to entertain other people with the effects of water. Therefore, he founded this company called Aqua Show.

Water is normal and essential for everybody. Not only in our daily lives, also in our free time water is an important natural phenomenon. For example, swimming and sporting in and around lakes or at sea. The Netherlands is called a ‘water country’. Nevertheless, people do not immediately think about ‘enjoying water’. Aqua Show is changing this by bringing its astonishing fountains, impressive water shows and amazing waterfalls to people. Their slogan therefore is ‘enjoying water’.